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IT’S A SIGN, a series of four one-month long exhibitions

First of four openings will be held Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 5-7pm. 

Last exhibition closes Sunday, February 11, 2018.


Exhibition I:   Curator Mark Van Wagner, Opening Oct. 28, 5-7pm

Exhibition II:  Curator Robert Zungu, Opening Nov. 25, 5-7pm

Exhibition III: Curator Enrico Gomez, Opening Dec. 23, 5-7pm

Exhibition IV: Curator Maya Schindler, Opening Jan. 20, 5-7pm


Bellport, October 10, 2017 -- Marquee Projects proudly presents IT’S A SIGN, a series of four shows, wherein the theme of signs, symbols, visual communications, written words, and semiotics are explored and successively elaborated upon by four curators. Each will curate their own exhibit which will last approximately one month. 

Each curator will present works that deal with signs and semiotics in the broadest sense, semiotics being the philosophical study of signs and symbols. Curators will incorporate one to three artworks from the previous exhibition, thus playing the “exquisite corpse” parlour game motif to enhance the causal relationship of this curatorial process. Like an homage to that game of old, each curator will build and foster a visual call-and-response dialogue, in and of itself an interpersonal communication. 

The word “sign” and its synonyms hold meaning — sometimes multiple meanings, and with a weight of importance that varies according to the viewer. From traffic signs to letter forms, and from objects of spiritual devotion to corporate logos, a plethora of signs appears perennially within and around us. They give rise to, and facilitate, the very contexts that we move through, inviting us to receive and make sense of the kaleidoscopic field of information we’re exposed to.

Please join us and sign in to view this curatorial collaboration.